Over 20 years of experience in analytical measurement on engine test benches is your guarantee for high performance instruments that support you in achieving your goals.


LUB360: Started as pure oil emission measuring instruments, we have consistently developed our technologies further. The fields of application have been extended for further fields of application around the powertrain development.  


M8GASENSE: Subsequent AI algorithms detect additional components in the gas composition that provide important information for developers.  The focus here is particularly on particles in the exhaust gas, polycyclic aromatic components (PAH) and further non-limited components. 


BATTASENSE: Optimized for use on battery test benches. Abuse testing of batteries provides important information on fault susceptibility, durability and extreme behavior in the event of system failure. Battasense determines at high time resolution which gases are emitted from the battery at which point in the decomposition process. The substances are identified and their intensity is measured over time.


PIKAL X: The determination of the oil emission could only be done because we invented a calibration system for it. Based on a high-precision piezo metering valve, a system has been developed that can inject the smallest amounts of low-volatile substances into a defined purge gas stream. With highest reproducibility and high linearity low concentrations are generated in the gas phase.


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