PikalX the calibration unit.

In order for the LUB360 measuring system to output values of oil concentrations in ppm and oil emissions in g/h, it is calibrated with PiKalX. PikalX is a highly specialized calibration system that has required a lot of time and know-how to develop. The task is to transfer low-volatility liquid substances into the gas phase. it uses. It vaporizes the lubricating oil to be tested under defined conditions and generates a known oil concentration in heated carrier gas. The measurement of this defined oil concentration is part of the measurement process. It enables the conversion of the measurement signal into concentration and mass emission units. The PiKalX calibration system is highly automated and fits seamlessly into the LUB360 software structure. PikalX is also suitable for other tasks. Whenever it is about the defined evaporation of low volatile liquids PikalX can do it.